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Catering milano, live cooking, buffets, business lunches, weddings and private events. GIOMOONEY provides the best food service in Milan. Enjoy our cooking workshops.
Catering Milano, cooking, chef at home, cooking workshops, masterchef,
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GIOMOONEY is a premium catering milano company for business lunches, fashion events, private parties

Catering, catering milano

Giovanni Mooney is the former head chef of Milan’s prestigious L’Ulmet restaurant.

After an apprenticeship under Gualtiero Marchesi and Osteria dei Binari, he followed his father, once also maitre of Gualtiero Marchesi and Don Lisander, in opening the family-owned restaurant L’Ulmet.

GIOMOONEY and his staff of professional chefs offer a unique culinary experience and a prestige catering and training service:

  • Gourmet event catering Milano for business lunches, fashion events.

  • A personal chef for special occasions and fine dining at home.

  • Haute cuisine boxes for specials dinners and lunches.

  • Improve your own cooking skills with personal tuiton and workshop events

Not just a catering

GIOMOONEY provides you not just a catering but a deep food experience

Catering, catering milano

Gourmet Catering Milano

for business lunches and fashion events

Catering, catering milano

Chef at Home

for private events and all yours parties

The Foodlab

for cooking workshops a la carte

Catering, catering milano

Lucht Box for business meetings or events

GIOMOONEY’S for catering Milano, business lunches and fashion events REVIEWS

Catering, catering milano

The Best old-fashionable and innovative catering in Milan

Catering for Events, banqueting for weddings.

Choose your catering menu and service.

we are a premium catering & more

check what we can do for you:

Catering, catering milano

The new frontiers of food: workshops to turn you in a chefyourself

Giomooney is the first real full food experience in Milan. Not just Catering Milano

we provide you not only tradicional catering services but much more up to turn you in a CHEFYOURSELF.

stay tuned with our food workshops